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5 Best Nightlife Hotels in Bangkok


Obviously the main reason for most guys coming to Bangkok aren’t the spicy street food restaurants or visiting the jasper ahh emerald Buddha in the Grand Palace. It might be on most people’s to do list but what we are rather here for are Thai girls and the world’s inarguably most exciting nightlife.

So why bother booking a hotel in the old town just to be close to the main sights when you can easily see them all in one day but then probably want to go out partying every single night? Makes sense to book a hotel that’s in the city center and ideally within walking distance to Bangkok’s best nightlife areas.

Speaking about the Old Town area, sure there are a couple of nightclubs in Khaosan (The Club, Gulliver’s, 999 West) but these are rather bigger bars with louder music and not really what you’d normally expect from a typical nightclub (The Club being the only exception).

If you want to party well the area to stay is Nana, or alternatively neighboring Asoke or Thong Lor. Below are 5 of the best nightlife hotels in Bangkok. I’ve also included one near RCA and Ratchada Soi 4, which is the favorite nightlife area for young Bangkokians.

Hotels near the Nightlife in Nana / Asoke

Best Nightlife Hotel in Bangkok

Nightlife Hotel in Nana

Hotels near the Nightlife in Thonglor

Nightlife Hotel in Thonglor

Bangkok Party Hotel

Hotels near the Nightlife in RCA

Nightlife Hotel in RCA
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