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5 Best Hotels With Ladyboys on Koh Samui

Ladyboy in Koh Samui Hotel

I’ve already gone through all the different places to find ladyboys on Samui, so today I will talk about suitable hotels if you plan on bringing one back to your room (and having sex with her of course).

Not all hotels on Koh Samui are girl friendly, and not all girl-friendly hotels are also ladyboy-friendly.

Sounds confusing? It’s not.

Some of my readers who have read my post on the girl friendly hotels and booked one of them had no issues bringing girls back to their rooms, but then when they tried to invite a ladyboy they were suddenly held back by the hotel staff.

For example, the “Marine Chaweng Beach Hotel” allows their customers to invite ladies, but no ladyboys. That’s why I have decided to put together this separate guide on the 5 best hotels that allow girls as well as transgenders.

I’ve included three hotels on Chaweng Beach, and two hotels on Lamai Beach, as these are by far the best places to stay in terms of nightlife and number of ladyboys to meet:

Nora Beach Resort & Spa

Best Hotel with Ladyboys on Koh Samui
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Novotel Samui Resort

Chaweng Hotel with Ladyboys
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The Avenue Samui

Ladyboy Friendly Hotel in Chaweng
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Lazy Day’s Samui Beach Resort

Ladyboy Friendly Hotel in Lamai
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Bill Resort

Hotel for Ladyboy Sex on Koh Samui
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