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5 Best Hotels With Ladyboys in Pattaya


The most obvious option is to go to one of the dedicated ladyboy bars and pick one you like. Another paid option are the freelancers in the night clubs like Insanity or The Pier, or simply the street prostitutes on Beach Road or Soi 6/1.

Or maybe you don’t like the idea of paying for sex, then you can also find plenty of “open-minded” ladyboys on the Thai Friendly Dating Site. Be careful though, it can be quite addictive. There are thousands of hot ladyboys on that site (not only in Pattaya, but in all of Thailand), and it’s usually easy to spot the “working girls”. The majority of them are just looking for “friends with benefits” like you or even serious relationships (you’d be surprised how many guys are looking for serious ladyboy dating these days).

No matter where you meet ladyboys in Pattaya, sooner or later you will want to invite one of them to your hotel room to “hang out” or “watch a movie”. But you can only do that if your hotel is “guest friendly”, that means they allow you to bring any type of guest back to your room, no matter if that’s girls or ladyboys. Some hotels don’t allow any guests at all, while others charge a so called joiner fee (usually 1,000 Baht), and you obviously want to avoid both of these types.

That’s why it’s so important that you choose a suitable hotel in the first place.

So what’s suitable? I always recommend my readers to watch out for three things: Firstly, the hotel should obviously have a good value for money. That won’t be very hard to find in Pattaya, it’s a total tourist town with hundreds of hotels in every price range and all that competition means great deals and promotions year-round.

Secondly, your hotel should have a good location. That depends a lot on what type of girls or ladyboys you are looking to meet. If you plan on going to the go go bars and night clubs a lot, then you should look for a hotel near Walking Street. But if you plan on hanging out mainly in the beer bars or meeting ladyboys from the dating site, then it makes more sense to stay in Central Pattaya. But don’t overthink that one, because it’s super easy to get around Pattaya with the cheap 10 Baht Songthaews (shared pick up taxis) that operate non-stop.

And thirdly, you need to make sure that your hotel is guest friendly – or rather ladyboy friendly. Believe it or not, but you may stay in a hotel and bring in a girl with no problems, and the next day you walk in hand in hand with a ladyboy and they say “sorry sir, we don’t allow guests”. To avoid that scenario and to make sure your preferred hotel let’s you bring in whoever you want, you can either write them an email before booking and ask – or you can just check out my following list of the five best ladyboy hotels in Pattaya:

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