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5 Best Hotels With Ladyboys in Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai Ladyboy in Hotel

It’s obviously not very difficult to go on Agoda and find a hotel in Chiang Mai that offers a good value for money (the competition is huge, means fair prices all year round) in a good location close to all the nightlife areas. But that’s not really the point why I write this article. The point is, you cannot see on Agoda if a particular hotel is “guest friendly” or not. Or in other words: If it’s “ladyboy friendly” or not.

Ladyboy friendly means that the hotel allows you to bring in a Thai shemale that you met somewhere in town – maybe in Zoe in Yellow, maybe in the Warm Up Cafe or maybe on Thai Friendly.

Because believe it or not: Most of the hotels in Chiang Mai (I would guess at least 70-80%) have a strict no guest policy. It’s not like in Pattaya where everything is perfectly setup for sex tourists and you usually don’t have to worry about such things (well, but even there a lot of the 3 or 4 star hotels don’t allow guests either, or often charge a joiner fee of 1,000 Baht).

Anyway, like I mentioned you cannot see on Agoda what kind of guest policy a hotel has. That’s why I have decided to put together this list of 5 hotels with ladyboys in Chiang Mai – I have already stayed in 2 of them myself and can tell you from my own experience that you can bring in whoever you like, and the remaining three I have contacted and confirmed that they allow Thai guests (again, no matter if that’s prostitutes or “normal” girls and ladyboys from a dating site like Thai Friendly).

Chiang Mai Hotel with Ladyboys

Best Hotel With Ladyboys in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Sex Hotel

Chiang Mai Hotel

Chiang Mai Ladyboy Hotel
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