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5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Patong, Phuket


But then, which beach town to stay in? Patong is by far the most developed beach, with the highest number of hotels, malls, restaurants and the best nightlife and girls scene. So yes, I would strongly recommend you to stay in Patong. Even though the neighboring beaches like Karon, Kata and Kamala also have some bars and massage salons, you will find so much more places and girls in Patong.

The next thing you need to do is to look at hotels that are suitable for your stay. What do I mean by “suitable”? Well, if you meet a girl in one of the bars or on a dating site like Thai Friendly, then you will probably want to invite her to your room to “hang out” (for sex of course) at some point. But you can only do that if your hotel is “guest friendly“.

The problem is that a lot of hotels in Patong are not guest friendly, means they don’t allow you to bring in a guest (= Thai girl). Or sometimes they allow it, but ask for a joiner fee of 1,000 Baht. If you want to avoid that, you should contact the hotel before you book it and ask what kind of guest policy they have. Or you just take a look at my list below – all these hotels in Patong are guest friendly.

And apart from that, of course you should also make sure that the hotel offers a good value for the money, and equally important: That it has a good location. Yes, you can find places with girls all over Patong (girly bars, massage salons, street hookers etc.), but the highest concentration is really found in the center of town in and around the infamous Bangla Road. That’s also where the go go bars and night clubs are located. So I would also recommend you to stay around this area.

So once again, you can now either go on or and do the research based on the mentioned criterias yourself, and then contact your favorites and ask if they allow female Thai guests joining you at night, or you just take a look at my following list of the 5 best hotels in Patong that are all guest friendly, offer a good value for money and have a good location:

Best Hotel for Sex in Phuket

Hotel with Girls in Patong

Phuket Girl Hotel

Patong Sex Hotel

Guest Friendly Hotel in Patong

One last tip here: Always make sure that you book a room for 2 people. And if you consider bringing a particular girl back to your room, then ask her beforehand if she has a Thai ID Card. All hotels on this list are guest friendly, but they all require your girl to leave her ID card at the reception until she leaves (for both your own and the hotel’s security).

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